Hand Campaign

Rock Scissors Paper The Musical began a campaign for its opening night that went viral. Fans from around the world sent in their support for Rock Scissors Paper by taking pictures of beautiful scenes from their home countries.

When the Going Gets Tough…

The theme for the 2016 HULT Talks is When the going gets tough… After 20 contestants and 3 rounds of coaching and elimination, the eight finalists shared their speeches to an audience of  120 and 6 judges at the EF Headquarters in Shanghai, China. Check out my first-place speech at HULT Talks by clicking here! Friends withContinue reading “When the Going Gets Tough…”

Work and Projects in Shanghai

  Master in International Business I chose to specialise in International Business with HULT because of two fundamentals in business: excellent teamwork and pristine communication. In this program I saw a great opportunity to learn and work with peers from 70 different countries. Despite our diversity we work and cooperate as a unified community. In just one year, the breadth ofContinue reading “Work and Projects in Shanghai”

My Scoop er… Double Scoop*

Selecting ice cream from Baskin Robbins 31 flavours is my biggest nightmare. Rocky Road or Strawberry Cheesecake? Waffle cone, sugar cone, or cup? Can’t I just have it all? To all the Indecisives of the world, I feel your anxiety (and I saved you a small spoon). The point is eventually you have to commit. Make aContinue reading “My Scoop er… Double Scoop*”

Last Stop, Shanghai

I hail from the magnificent not-always-so-rainy city of Seattle, Washington, USA. The University of Washington is my alma mater (Go Huskies!) and after university I decided to do some worldly traveling. I worked various part-time jobs all throughout my undergrad and made just enough to journey on one last trip before I plunged into corporate America.Continue reading “Last Stop, Shanghai”