Amanda Basco (Oliva)

Hey Friends,

This site is about me and the most important people surrounding me. They say you’re only as great as the people your surround yourself with, and my fortress of people are some of the greatest.

I’m recently married. It was just in time and we’ll never take it for granted. We got married in February, flew off to our honeymoon right after and came back just two weeks before Manila, Philippines went on a lockdown. A week after that, our governor in Washington State mandated a Stay At Home lockdown and well, that was that.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 I was laid off from my last position as a Customer Success Manager at Leafly along with 91 of my fellow coworkers. Although the circumstances are unfortunate, I learned so much and got a chance to work with amazing passionate people. If you know of anyone in need of marketing, product development, project management, data analytic talent, let me know because I know some great candidates.

Throughout this site you’ll find all the other projects I have going on in my life. From reaching my health & physical goals to snapping photos of my dogs begging for the food my husband whips together – 2020 has already been a rollercoaster filled with its ups downs and slaps to the face. So hope you enjoy the content. Life is too short to not chase your dreams.

Thanks for visiting! And please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about all of my little side projects.


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