Hand Campaign

Rock Scissors Paper The Musical began a campaign for its opening night that went viral. Fans from around the world sent in their support for Rock Scissors Paper by taking pictures of beautiful scenes from their home countries.

Our Diversity

In 2013 I was the Cultural Chair for the Filipino American Student Association and my job was to lead a team of students to create a play about Filipino heritage and culture.

After over a year of planning, I am honoured to present a show where students from four different cultural clubs including Native Americans, African Americans, and Latino Americans could share the stage together and celebrate their culture and diversity at the University of Washington.

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Filipino Night: Our Diversity

Work and Projects in Shanghai



Master in International Business

I chose to specialise in International Business with HULT because of two fundamentals in business: excellent teamwork and pristine communication. In this program I saw a great opportunity to learn and work with peers from 70 different countries. Despite our diversity we work and cooperate as a unified community. In just one year, the breadth of knowledge I have learned both inside and out of the classroom about cultures, economies, and politics globally has been invaluable.  Who are we? We are young professionals that are eager and prepared to make a difference in the world. #HULTShanghai

WeSeed WeSeed generates income and an invaluable sense of well-being to China’s urban poor by locally growing and distributing fresh produce with the use of hydroponics or “soilless” farming. We facilitate urban farming education and career development services through local partnerships in addition to mediating B2B production and distribution channels. Our global mission is to help people cover basic daily needs and create a sustainable source of income for families. Click here for more information!


RSP-proposal-generic-ENG-V1-151123_004 Rock Scissors Paper or <石头剪刀布> is the newest original musical opening in Shanghai on April 8, 2016. A daring modern love story about the powerful dynamics of friendship and relationships, Rock Scissors Paper is the first of its kind to enter the Chinese performance & arts market. Follow here to see how our campaign is going viral in China and internationally.


Hult Talks

When the Going Gets Tough…

Watch HULT International Business School Shanghai bring the community together to share inspirational stories from students around the globe about ‘When the Going Gets Tough”. I am competing out of 20 speakers to move forward and speak at TED Talks in Shanghai.
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My Scoop er… Double Scoop*

Selecting ice cream from Baskin Robbins 31 flavours is my biggest nightmare. Rocky Road or Strawberry Cheesecake? Waffle cone, sugar cone, or cup? Can’t I just have it all? To all the Indecisives of the world, I feel your anxiety (and I saved you a small spoon).

The point is eventually you have to commit. Make a choice and run with it (well, pay first then run). When it comes to my career, I have similar anxious feelings of just wanting to do it all. I want to make a difference and a change and an impact and… basically solve world peace. I want to learn about mechanical engineering, computer science, classic literature, medieval architecture, languages, business, etcetera. Absorb all knowledge and wisdom known to man.

So on ‘commitment’, I’m working on it.

What I have come to realise is that commitment to an area of study or trade by no means defines the rest of your career or binds you to one profession. At this very moment in time all that matters is committing to who I am now, what makes me happy now, and the passions and values I carry now. 

And so my career flavour of choice, Amanda’s Two Scoops of Original.

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Last Stop, Shanghai

I hail from the magnificent not-always-so-rainy city of Seattle, Washington, USA. The University of Washington is my alma mater (Go Huskies!) and after university I decided to do some worldly traveling. I worked various part-time jobs all throughout my undergrad and made just enough to journey on one last trip before I plunged into corporate America.

First stop, Pasto, Colombia 2014. I taught english through an organisation called AISEC for several months in the southern region of Colombia.


After exploring the biggest cities in Colombia like Cali, Bogotá, and Medellín, I traveled  through Ecuador and Peru to visit Machu Picchu. When my teaching contract was over, I jet-setted to Australia in 2015 and backpacked up the coast.

To make ends meet I worked in a cafe, a restaurant, and a hostel while passing through Melbourne, The Blue Mountains in Sydney, and Brisbane. I meting the greatest people from all over the world (and even some family I had never met before!).

I spent the summer to work and spend time with family back in Seattle and by September I was off to Shanghai.


After two years of nomadic lifestyle, this is my last stop – well kind of. In May, I will transition into a state of American normalcy and head to San Francisco to finish my Master in International Business. It’s bitter sweet because I can’t wait to be back in the homeland, but at the same time I have thoroughly and utterly enjoyed every moment, face, and kind soul I have met along the way. This international chapter is coming to a close and it only makes me excited to see what 2016 has in store!