Last Stop, Shanghai

I hail from the magnificent not-always-so-rainy city of Seattle, Washington, USA. The University of Washington is my alma mater (Go Huskies!) and after university I decided to do some worldly traveling. I worked various part-time jobs all throughout my undergrad and made just enough to journey on one last trip before I plunged into corporate America.

First stop, Pasto, Colombia 2014. I taught english through an organisation called AISEC for several months in the southern region of Colombia.


After exploring the biggest cities in Colombia like Cali, Bogotá, and Medellín, I traveled  through Ecuador and Peru to visit Machu Picchu. When my teaching contract was over, I jet-setted to Australia in 2015 and backpacked up the coast.

To make ends meet I worked in a cafe, a restaurant, and a hostel while passing through Melbourne, The Blue Mountains in Sydney, and Brisbane. I meting the greatest people from all over the world (and even some family I had never met before!).

I spent the summer to work and spend time with family back in Seattle and by September I was off to Shanghai.


After two years of nomadic lifestyle, this is my last stop – well kind of. In May, I will transition into a state of American normalcy and head to San Francisco to finish my Master in International Business. It’s bitter sweet because I can’t wait to be back in the homeland, but at the same time I have thoroughly and utterly enjoyed every moment, face, and kind soul I have met along the way. This international chapter is coming to a close and it only makes me excited to see what 2016 has in store!

Published by Amanda Basco

2020, Let's just start fresh. Cheers to new opportunities and clean hands!

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